Failure is part of the process: William Stafford on writing poetry…

William Stafford

For all those style worriers, ideologues and petty bourgeois thinkers; a very brief word of creative honesty from Mr William Stafford; a Poet and gentleman. Enjoy!

Be advised; the sound quality isn’t the best, so turn your speakers up a tad…

William Stafford in conversation


Thankyou for your support…

Just a quick note for all those who have decided to follow this site…

What you have read here is merely the start. I plan to go much further. It is clear the censor is in. Almost every post I make finds difficulty when I begin to tag/categorize. This understanably has lead me to wonder to what extent this site is being throttled in its exposure to the wider community.

I understand some may feel uncomfortable by the phrase “the tyranny of liberalism.” I consider myself to be a liberal; but it is clear such a cause once noble in its attempt to understand the world in an accomodating way has now been taken over by a sphere of influence deeply connected to the one percent deep state Monrovian agenda. Yes this sounds conspiratorial; yet we live in a world where it is clear “the crazies” of the past were infact correct.

Once more I would like to thank you for your perseverance and bravery. If you choose not to comment, or in fact like anything here I understand; infact I am considering removing the comment sections entirely; yet realize this would be somewhat ironic for a person who encourages freedom of expression; and so for now the comment section stays.

So stay tuned for more offbeat humour, abstract musing and utterly contradictory pieces of naive innocence. It is my intention to confound expectations both formal and thematic; something for which in this world of increasing commodification may seem confusing for some.

For those new to this site wondering what’s going on please click on “censorship” in the list of categories for some context to this post.

At the current count you stand at 54. This is 54 times more than I ever expected. Congratulations. The fightback has begun.

“Spiders” 2018.


In search of what made me…

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Somewhere in the forest;
There grows a golden tree.
That very special something;
Which very few can see.

Some say it carries knowledge.
Some say it carries leaves.
I know not where to find it;
Yet hope one day to see.

For then i’ll be quite happy;
As much as bees can be;
Buzzing through the forest;
In search of what made me…